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Software / Open Source SIG

Software plays a key and ever expanding role in the development of products and applications across the wireless sector. Within this, open source is playing an increasingly important role by allowing the sector to concentrate on differentiating technology and by driving in innovation from outside the traditional supply chains through collaborative ecosystems. The Software & Open Source SIG considers issues across the software development life cycle from project initiation and requirements capture through to deployment, user support and community management.

The Software / Open Source SIG Champions

John Bechtel,
Badger Pass

David Berry,

Phillip Burr

David Roberts,
Jabooh Software Services

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Recent Event - To review the presentations from the last event please visit our RESOURCES page

Next Event

Software/Open Source SIG - Cambridge

Championed by John Bechtel of Badger Pass, David Berry of PTC, Phillip Burr of ARM and David Roberts of Jabooh Software Solutions.
Details coming soon.