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Mobile Broadband SIG

The aim of the Mobile Broadband SIG is to bring together industry players and other interested parties to understand how to optimise the future of Mobile Broadband. This is still a relatively new market so it is imperative that we communicate at all levels with all key stakeholders. This SIG will cover topics such as ‘notspots’, download capabilities and speeds, coverage, data offload, backhaul, mobility and charging models as well as other topics that emerge as new technologies and solutions evolve and grow.

Mobile Broadband is one of the hottest wireless topics right now and will undoubtedly continue to generate massive interest. It is estimated that the market will grow exponentially as networks, devices and services mature and spark mass market adoption and that by 2012 mobile broadband will represent almost half of total mobile service revenues.

This SIG provides a great opportunity to bring together Cambridge Wireless members and other parties from across the globe who have an interest in Mobile Broadband. We organise events and actively encourage networking among the participants.

The Mobile Broadband SIG Champions

George Grayland,

Peter Montgomery,

Tom Rebbeck,
Analysys Mason

Iain Stanbridge,

Andy Widdess,

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Next Event

'5G in Industry - use cases for improved productivity' – Mobile Broadband SIG event - London

As the increase of robots and use of 5G wireless increases how does this affect industry? Are there opportunities to improve productivity within vertical sectors that typically have high latency issues?