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Future Devices SIG

Over six billion people now own or use some form of wireless device as an everyday part of their lives, and the pace of innovation and market adoption of new products and services continues to accelerate relentlessly. A growing trend is the proliferation of different wireless device types, not just on our person, but in our physical places such as in our home, in our car, at the restaurant, and in a range of business domains. Examples include connected TVs and home entertainment systems, wireless connectivity in the car, wireless and contactless point of sale, as well as the more familiar smart phones, tablets and other cellular devices.
The Future Devices SIG is focussed on facilitating members to envisage the near future and drive innovation and business success in the wireless devices space. All types of devices are covered including in-home, in-car and in-business devices, as well as the latest developments in more familiar consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and so on.
The Future Devices Special Interest Group has three core objectives:

  • To Provide Insightful Analysis: Informing members and providing analysis on the latest trends in market development, in technology innovation and in new insights into end user needs and behaviour
  • To Cultivate Fresh Thinking: Assembling thought-leaders from diverse disciplines to broaden the canvas of ideas and perspectives, creating fresh insights critical to fuelling innovation and developing new businesses
  • To Spark New Partnerships: Facilitating valuable new connections between individuals and organisations, and between traditionally different industry sectors, as technology continues to disrupt business models and value chains, and creates both many new challenges and many more new opportunities

Events are held 2-3 times a year, either in Cambridge or London.

The Future Devices SIG Champions

Dev Audsin,

Amyas Phillips,

John Roe,

Charles Sturman,

Peter Whale,
Iotic Labs

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