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Digital Delivery and Content SIG

The aim of the Digital Delivery & Content SIG is to address the challenges and technologies enabling the digital delivery of content. In particular, this SIG focuses on the challenge of delivering content to an array of connected devices available today such as TV, mobile and fixed devices in the best possible manner.

Today, users are simultaneously equipped with multiple devices with varied capabilities and demand that their contents are delivered across devices seamlessly according to their preferences. However, this presents a number of challenges such as the selection of the network technologies and their implications on delivering content, impact on the digital rights taking into account that there are multiple delivery networks and devices. However, these challenges bring in the biggest opportunity. It presents new routes to market for content providers, places demand on the traditional content and service providers to provision innovative & disruptive solutions, and opens the market to new entrants.

Considering these challenges and opportunities, the Digital Delivery and Content SIG would seek to address the following key topics:

  • Technology Options - the technology choices and challenges for Digital Delivery
  • Regulation - the regulatory issues that impact Digital Content
  • Connected Devices - their capabilities and limitations
  • Content and protection - content and consumer protection
  • User experience - creating a valued and seamless experience
  • Next generation services - one stop shop for media plus interactivity
  • Advertising and User Generated Content - the democratisation and metrics of media and delivery
  • Business Models for Content Delivery - the challenge of making money

This SIG provides a great opportunity to bring together Cambridge Wireless members and other parties from across the globe who have an interest in Digital Delivery and Content. We organise events 2-3 times a year and actively encourage networking among the participants.

 The Digital Delivery & Content SIG Champions

Tim Cook

David Crawford,
Telecom Technologies & Ravensbourne

Russell Inman,
BBC Design and Engineering

Chris Nokes,
BBC Research & Development

Sami Susiaho,

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Next Event

'Broadcasting New Media - is 5G a solution or a diversion?' Digital Delivery and Content SIG event - London

The broadcast industry’s business models and the way we consume content are evolving rapidly. Key developments include the availability to consumers of high quality mobile devices and TV screens, the evolution of video standards (migration to HD and the emergence of UHD 4K), the proliferation of internet protocol (IP), over-the-top (OTT) TV services and more recently the debut of the ‘IP Studio’ in production. These factors all create significant additional traffic and service requirements that could have serious implications for the satisfactory working of all types of fixed and mobile networks. Speakers include Will Saunders of BBC Studios.