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Business SIG

Bringing companies together to build greater business success.

The Business Special Interest Group (SIG) has been constructed to help wireless technology companies identify customer needs and develop strategies that can generate revenue and profit. The main purpose of the Business SIG is to empower a broad range of wireless and technology companies by looking at methods of improving best practice on a range of business issues. Usually held under the Chatham House rule, the SIG encourages organisations to share their business and marketing expertise, so that commercial advantage is gained by adopting new or enhancing old methods.

Aims of the SIG

  • Provide a fresh approach by looking at business models and answering the questions: "Where does the money come from?’ ‘How do we make wireless commercial?’ ‘How do we share or collaborate?’
  • Introduce CW members to other organisations, from within and outside of the wireless industry, who can show successful and unsuccessful approaches to commercialisation. This will enable members to learn from the experiences of others
  • Help identify answers to common industry problems, e.g. how to license products, where to raise funds, or how to develop an initial business case
  • Introduce and encourage discussion about future business models
  • Provide ‘commercial/ business’ input across other SIGs in much the same way as the Legal SIG does it
  • Bring companies together to develop out-of-the-box business models. We will challenge the current emphasis on technology push by championing market-driven approaches – giving the customers what they want

It is anticipated that 2 meetings per annum will be convened, and the SIG will actively collaborate with other SIGs that wish to engage and organise joint business model focused events. The Business SIG works with the Discovering Start-Up project to enhance the standing of start-up companies.

 The Business SIG Champions

Ludo Chapman
Innovation Practice

Clennell Collingwood,

Tim Holmes,

Contact the SIG champions at

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Next Event

Business SIG - Cambridge

Championed by Ludo Chapman of The Innovation Practice, Clennell Collingwood of TTP and Tim Holmes of Fluxx.
Details coming soon.