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09/08/17  The Government IoT Summit

The University of Salford and Salford Professional Development are hosting the Public Sector IoT Summit on the 28th September. We are bringing together leaders from within the public sector to discuss the Internet of Things application within the Public Sector environments, the event will take place in Manchester city centre.

Join the University of Salford and Salford Professional Development for The Government IoT Summit where leading experts from across the technology sector will explain how the internet of things will shape the future of Government services. Be the first to see the latest developments in IoT technology, learn how your organisation can improve public services by exploiting new innovations and discuss the challenges posed by a better connected world.

The internet has the potential to transform the way the Government approaches some of the biggest challenges facing the UK. IoT has near limitless applications, from gathering vast amounts of data to creating a more responsive public services. But despite the enormous potential, the public sector fallen behind private business when it comes to making the most of this new technology.

The event will present the delegation with a full day addressing the following themes:
•    Understand the mechanics of IoT and what it can achieve for the public sector
•    Prepare your organisation for the integration of smart systems
•    Create a business model to demonstrate the effectiveness of IoT in streamlining your services
•    Learn how smart technology interventions are evaluated and support transformation strategy
•    Make sure the public sector is at the forefront of using IoT technology for better results
•    Understand the role of Smart Cities in discussions surrounding the viability of IoT

The event is currently benefiting from university funding, therefore they have several complimentary places available for Public Sector professionals and a number of part funded places for Private sector professionals.

If these are of interest please contact their team here, alternatively you may explore the event page here.

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