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Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives)

Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives)

10/07/17  Easy as 1-2-3

Self-Care medical technology provider launches two new wireless blood pressure monitors for home-use as part of the Activ8rlives range.

Aseptika Ltd (part of the Spirit Family of Companies, Leicester UK) announces the launch of two new wireless one-piece blood pressure monitors with different cuff sizes to suit the widest range of patients: with just one button to simplify use.

Available for patients with small arms (fitting patients with an upper-arm circumference of 17cm-to-32cm) and for medium to larger arms (fitting upper-arms with a circumference of 25cm–to-48cm), there is now an integrated, easy-to-use wireless blood pressure monitor for everyone.

The Blood Pressure2 monitor connects to the Activ8rlives4 Wellness and Food Diary App (iOS and Android) and measures using our new 1-2-3 step process:

1. SCAN: Using the Activ8rlives4 App and the camera of the Smartphone or Tablet, you scan the unique QR code on the Blood Pressure2 monitor.

2. PRESS ONCE: Place on the upper-arm, press the single button once.

3. MEASURE: Blood Pressure2 monitor takes a reading, displays the values on a GREEN, AMBER or RED background and adds the data to your charts, automatically uploading to your Activ8rlives account.

Instructions are built into the Activ8rlives4 App screens, step-by-step. Help is also included on each screen and there are a series of short movies integrated to help new users get started quickly. Also included is a full-colour, detailed Instruction Manual, to support all modes of learning.

“We wanted to make the process of learning how to Self-Care and monitor our blood pressure at home, as easy as possible. Each Blood Pressure2 monitor has a unique wireless code and a unique QR code (2D barcode). Scanning this with the camera of a Smartphone or Tablet makes the Activ8rlives4 App look for only that wireless code,” commented Kevin Auton Ph.D, Managing Director.

“This increases security of connection and data transmission. To connect, the User must be able to see the QR code on the device to positively identify it, giving a simple set-up process while ensuring data integrity even in situations where more than one monitor is in use."

“Ever simplified ease-of-use makes Self-Care technology more accessible to the widest patient groups and more accessible to those with little expertise in using digital monitoring.”

Activ8rlives data is only ever held in the UK and is hosted by UKCloud, Farnborough UK. The use of the Activ8rlives4 App and data storage by Users is free. Easy as 1-2-3! Ends

For more information on Activ8rlives and products, please visit: Activ8rlives and are trademarks of Aseptika Ltd.

For further details and images please contact Jessica Auton on +44 (0)1480 352821 or email

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