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04/07/17   School for Scale-Ups proves a resounding success

The first cohort of Cambridge Network's School for Scale-Ups, a programme for accelerated leadership growth, has graduated – and has given glowing feedback on the experience.

Claire Ruskin, the Network's CEO, says: "For more than a decade, Cambridge Network’s Learning Collaboration has been providing programmes for high-growth leaders to enable their teams to practise the skills required for scaling-up.  Our School for Scale-Ups – now in its second year – builds on this pedigree, with a tailored suite of modules designed to help leaders and managers develop the complex set of skills they need to deal with the challenges they face.

"Sessions through the past year included formal training, heated group discussions and exercises.  We made introductions to relevant people such as Lord Andrew Lansley on lessons in influencing, Jay Alphey on latest thinking in technical project delivery, and Andy Harter on picking a winning team. 

"It is testament to the programme's value that, after over a year working together on their leadership experiences, the group plans to carry on meeting."

Watch a video featuring Liz Upton, Co-Founder, Raspberry Pi, who participated in the first School for Scale-Ups. (Thank you to Cambridge TV for their filming and editing services.)

If you know someone who would like to join the third or fourth cohort, please see more information here.

Image: The School for Scale-Ups graduates: L-R (Front row) - Adrian Alexa, Repositive; Fiona Nielsen, Repositive; Liz Upton, Raspberry Pi; Stephanie Ruskin, Ieso Digital Health; Olivia Edge, 360 Health; Christopher Cytera, Spectral Edge. (Back row) - Chris Lowe, Horizon Discovery; Christoph Prinz, Flightkeys; Roman Leydolf, Klosterneuburg Dukes; Gerald H?rhan, Investment Punk; Adam Wells, JDR Cables; Dan Cole, Babraham Bioscience Technologies.

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