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Business Leaders Network (BLN)

Business Leaders Network (BLN)

18/01/17  6th IoT Forum Cambridge 2017 - dates to be announced

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There are so many IoT events now that it’s hard to pick which one is right for your business and which one will add value. The IoT Forum by the BLN (Business Leaders Network), Cambridge is now in its 6th year, and has built its reputation on providing excellent content, not pitches. Our talks are geared to share the experience of other business leaders in the IoT space with case studies, analysis and yes, occasionally, the latest technology in our ‘ones to watch’ 5 minute slots. There is a busy exhibition space but small enough that you can get around and see all the exhibitors.

With a mix of corporates, entrepreneurs, analysts and investors, the key people of the IoT ecosystem is coming together here. “
At the IoT Forum we bring key people in the IoT ecosystem together to do business and learn from each other,” says Mark Littlewood, CEO of the BLN. “This conference is in its 6th year and each year we see how industry is starting to implement IoT and companies are growing and adopting new business models. We talk about the real impact on industry, not the ’20 billion devices’ type hype, and our attendees value this realistic approach.”

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