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Money Mover

24/11/16  The Big Journey company

The Big Journey Company, based in Cumbria, provides escorted tours, both organised and bespoke, to ‘bucket list’ destinations across the globe

The Big Journey Company was formed in 2008 by a group of like-minded people who had spent part of their early careers travelling the world. They decided that the adventures they had been on were too special to be kept a secret…and so The Big Journey Company, offering high quality escorted journeys across the globe, was born.

The Big Journey Company, based in Cumbria, provides escorted tours, both organised and bespoke, to ‘bucket list’ destinations across the globe. With over 35 tours a year and a 41% rebooking rate, it is evident that customers love the tour leaders, who make them feel like they’re part of a family, as well as the experience and passion of the guides and their genuine local knowledge. Unlike other tour companies, The Big Journey Company provide unique itineraries, their prices are more inclusive and the travellers receive clear and concise details of the trip before they begin their ‘big journey’. Customers, like the tours, are all over the globe, in particular America, Australia and Europe - this is where the need for Money Mover comes in. In between leading groups on tours and running a busy company, Sohrab Jahromi (So), founder member of The Big Journey Company, was introduced to Hamish Anderson, CEO of Money Mover, through several mutual contacts. They were soon set up and ready to begin using Money Mover.

The Big Journey Company gets paid by customers from all over the world in multiple currencies which brings in the need to convert their revenue back to GBP. Having originally crossed over to Money Mover to simply cut down costs, as So was previously using his bank for foreign exchange conversions, he soon discovered that actually Money Mover was a clear winner for The Big Journey Company for other reasons as well. So commented, “I knew I would receive significant cost savings on my foreign exchange transactions with Money Mover compared to my bank; however, it was the ease of use and simplicity that has really made a big difference”.

So continued, “My day to day life is extremely busy and so this is an important factor. In particular, I was very impressed by the sign up process which is very, very easy to do”. Due to the nature of So’s business, he really loves the fact that when he is away he can use the platform easily on his phone, without a multitude of adverts popping up, as well as still being able to execute payments in areas where the signal isn’t great – something that wasn’t always possible when making payments with the bank. As for the future, So commented, “We chose Money Mover to make our international payments as you get more money for your money and get the job done easily and simply. We now look forward to continuing our journey with Money Mover as The Big Journey Company increases the number of breath-taking tours it launches into the travel industry”.

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