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01/11/16  Cambridge Network’s Candidate Evening focuses on company culture

Why do jobseekers choose one company over another? You might be surprised to learn that for many candidates, it is not about salary or career progression – it's about company culture, finding a place where people feel they can fit in and which suits the way they work.

This insight – one of the findings from a Cambridge Network survey last month – is the reason why the Network has planned a special Candidate Evening focused on company culture, to take place on Tuesday 29th November.

The Network's popular jobs board, Recruitment Gateway, features hundreds of jobs from local employers every week, and potential candidates can access information on the website about the companies advertising vacancies. Claire Angus, who heads up the Recruitment Gateway, says: "You can read all about a company, but it's not always possible to glean a great deal about its culture until you meet its people.

"We want to introduce would-be candidates to representatives from some of the region's leading companies, so they can understand what the business is like and, most importantly, get a feeling for the type of culture they might be successful in joining.

"When we sent out a survey following our recruitment event in September, one of the things we asked candidates was: what are your main reasons for joining a company? A good company culture –or one that suited the way they liked to work – came out on top, even over salary and career progression."

Claire says several companies are already committed to attend the event - to be held at The Hauser Forum (Entrepreneurship Centre, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0GT) - but she is seeking further employer organisations who want to participate.

"Our headline sponsor, Arcus Global, is growing. It has a unique company culture, which its representatives will talk about.

"Candidates will also hear from TTP, who will speak about what it is like to work for them, and so far we are also pleased to host Abcam, PA Consulting and Blacktrace Holdings.  But we would be interested in hearing from other companies that are currently recruiting. 

"And of course we are inviting candidates to come along! This event is an opportunity for candidates to interact with companies in an informal setting.  Jobseekers will be able to listen to talks about company culture and learn how best to promote themselves on social media when applying for jobs.

“They will get lots of tips and there will be experts in the room – such as Katherine Wiid from Career Ambitions and people from our agency sponsor Hays Recruitment – who will be available to answer questions and give career advice."

Taking place from 6pm to 9pm, the main event will be in the Hauser Forum café, with seating and a stage for talks.

Claire adds; "There will be exhibition stands in the café; some of these are still available. We will also have ‘zones’ in the breakout room. Companies can book these, so they will have a dedicated area where they can have a stand-up banner and/or a leaflet stand from which to network with candidates after the talks."

Companies interested in getting involved should contact Claire by email:

Attendance is free for all candidates, who can find out more and book on the website:

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