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25/10/16  Learn the delicate art of delegation

Delegation is at the heart of good management but it's not always easy to do. Join like-minded people at a half-day workshop run by Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration in early December to find out how you can delegate tasks more effectively.

The Manager Masterclass: Delegation & Empowerment workshop on Friday 2 December, kindly hosted by Eagle Labs at Barclays (7-8 Clifton Court, Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 7BN) will help you break the ‘vicious circle’ of poor delegation, so you can take a fresh look at your style and task list.

Often people don’t delegate because they believe it is easier and quicker to do things themselves, or else they're afraid that someone else will do it better. Sometimes it is a lack of trust, a fear of rejection - or simply not knowing how to delegate.
The workshop will cover:

  • What delegation is/isn’t
  • Blockers to effective delegation
  • Areas that can be delegated and to whom
  • Rules of good delegation
  • Coaching for success when it goes wrong
  • Using the ‘Pygmalion’ effect to empower others
  • ‘Stop, start, continue’ - areas to take away to work on

As you leave this workshop with new skills and knowhow, you’ll be looking for opportunities to practice the art of effective delegation with renewed vigour.

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