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Cambridge Network

18/10/16  Beat the hackers on a budget

How safe is your business from cyber threats? Find out how you can reduce the risks at a Cambridge Network Breakfast event this Thursday (October 20th).

Large scale cyber-security attacks have become major news stories in recent years, so business owners and managers are aware of the cyber threat.  Unfortunately, too many believe that they are either too small to be a target or think they lack the resources to implement effective defences.

On both counts, the reality is different to perception. Cyber-criminals are indiscriminate and there are few, if any, businesses that don’t have something of value to a cyber-criminal. The good news is that although resources are often scarce, it's possible to imnplement effective security on a budget.

By providing practical advice supported by relevant case-studies, experts from Nascenta and Foursys will provide you with a number of simple, low-cost measures that you can use to reduce the risk of operating in the digital world.

The event at The Hauser Forum (3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0GT) begins at 8am, with registration and networking over coffee and bacon rolls, followed by speakers at 8.30. The event will close around 10am.

Find out more and sign up here.

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