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Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies

08/08/16  Keysight's Materials and Devices Measurement Insights

Keysight Technologies continues to develop and introduce test and measurement equipment to cope up with the evolving demands of researchers. This paper gives an overview of the most emerging technologies and what Keysight can offer to solve the most daunting measurement challenges.

Winnersh - 23rd November 2016

Topic 1: Challenges and Solutions for Material Science/Engineering Testing Application Material science testing is a challenging task due to the fact that every material is unique in in terms of its electrical, optical and structural properties. It is these unique material properties that allow devices and components such as solar cells, sensors, logic devices, memories, interconnect, displays, emitters, packaging materials to perform their specified tasks. In this presentation we will discuss typical electrical measurement methods for a variety of materials and present the test instruments and solutions that Keysight can provide for defining and assembling material testing solutions

Topic 2: Advanced Testing Solutions for Impedance Measurements This presentation is aimed to focus on basics impedance measurement and its applications. Also, the correct techniques for making accurate impedance measurements on components such as capacitors, inductors and transformers will be discussed. You will gain an understanding on the reasons for measurement discrepancies, the sources of measurement error and how to compensate for these errors. A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the different measurement techniques employed will assist you in selecting the right instrument for your measurement need.

Topic 3: Devices & Material Characterization from DC to mm-wave & THz From stealth materials to dielectric substrates, microwave food products to biofuels, accurate characterization of their electromagnetic properties at microwave and mm-wave frequencies provide engineers with critical information needed for material and circuit design, modelling, research, manufacturing and quality control. In this paper we will overview the classes of methods employed to measure the dielectric properties of solids and liquids and will discuss the criteria one should consider when selecting a measurement technique. The focus will be on those techniques useful for measuring the relative permittivity and loss tangent of dielectric materials, both liquid and solid, over a frequency range that covers 100 MHz to 1.1 THz

Topic 4: Electrical Characterization of GaN & SiC devices with the Keysight B1505A Rapid advances in power device technology are rendering conventional measurement equipment a thing of a past. High current conduction tests of more than 1000A, sub pico-ampere leakage current measurements and evaluation of breakdown voltages of up to10+kV become ever more important. In this presentation we will discuss typical IV and CV measurements on GaN and SiC power devices using the Keysight B1505A power device analyser.

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