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12/07/16  Plan ahead and book a September course now

Before you head off for your summer holiday, why not think about how you can improve your career prospects this autumn? Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration offers a number of useful training courses in September which will help you do just that.

Interviewing Skills on Tuesday 6 September, kindly hosted by Barclays at its Eagle Lab (28 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3AZ) begins with the premise that good recruitment is about finding the right person for the job.

Although simple enough, it is often challenging to select the right candidate, especially in a competitive market. There are usually a number of people involved in the recruitment and selection process; this workshop is suitable for anyone who is part of that process and would like to develop their skills in this important area of responsibility.

Find out more and sign up here.

If you're always running out of time, Time Management on Thursday 8 September (a host venue is sought) is a one day programme that will help you develop a strategy for ‘event control’. It will give you a range of tools and techniques to help you plan and organise yourself to be more effective.

You will learn about your own work style  and see how this helps and hinders your time management.

You will also learn how to:

  • establish and plan your own priorities
  • plan work around your most productive times
  • deal with interruptions so they cause minimal impact
  • avoid procrastination and ‘swallow the frog’!
  • set goals with time lines and milestones
  • decide if a task is urgent , or important, or both
  • make your Outlook or diary work for you.

Find out more and sign up here.

Transition to Management on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September, also kindly hosted by Barclays at its Eagle Lab (28 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3AZ) is intended for those new to management; those with about six months' experience as a manager; high potentials who look to be promoted soon; or technical and project leads who would like to ‘up skill’ on their management techniques.

The first line manager role is unique in organisations, as this person is the one level who manages non-managers. This brings its own set of hurdles to overcome, and for people new to managing others there is a lot to learn.  Being a new manager can be tough; and a practical toolkit of best practice dos and don’ts will really help new managers avoid mistakes, and feel more equipped to cope in the early days.

Find out more and sign up here.

Did you know that Cambridge Network membership means you automatically have the right to book on to any of the Network's quality Learning Collaboration courses at any time? A wide spectrum of soft skills, technical and leadership development courses are on offer throughout the year, so sign up now to build your capabilities...

The Learning Collaboration works on behalf of Cambridge Network members to organise, purchase and share training and management development opportunities, delivered locally. That means all members benefit from economies of scale, gaining improved access to high quality professional training courses at value-for-money prices.

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