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01/06/16  Sepura generates success with partner Vissim Renewables at offshore windfarm

Sepura has been selected to provide a complete communications solution for an offshore windfarm, located off the coast of Germany.

1 June 2016 - Sepura has been selected to provide a complete communications solution for an offshore windfarm, located off the coast of Germany. The windfarm will benefit from a secure TETRA system, featuring a number of base stations, Sepura's flagship SC20 series hand-portable radios with accessories, and SRG3900 mobile radios.

The newly launched SC20 hand-portables have been specifically developed to provide optimal performance in challenging conditions, and feature unique water-porting technology which expels liquid, protecting the earpiece, speaker and both microphones to maintain clear communications, even in torrential rain. The marine-hardened radios hold IP66, 67 and 68 environmental protection ratings, and feature powerful 2W audio with enhanced fidelity to provide operational consistency in high-noise environments. The SRG3900 mobile radios, used in conjunction with the Vessel and Personnel Tracking and Management suite provided by solutions partner Vissim Renewables, will deliver a real-time overview of personnel location - vital for day to day efficiency and in emergency situations.

Nick Dent, Commercial Director for Vissim Renewables, commented, "Construction and routine maintenance of equipment on wind farms requires a powerful and reliable digital radio system. The environment can be extremely demanding; both infrastructure and terminals must meet the highest standards in all areas, from ease of use to durability and performance. "Operators and developers can have complete confidence in this robust solution - particularly the SC20 series radios, whose superb audio quality, along with their salt-resistance, make them the natural choice for engineers who often operate in driving rain and sea spray."

Gary Maughan, Sepura's Regional Director for UK and North/Central Europe, commented, "This contract is a robust endorsement of both Sepura and Vissim Renewables' experience and expertise in the complex communications requirements of the utilities sector. "The SC20 is ideal for this type of deployment, not only in terms of durability, but also due to its unique ability to offer an optional second high-speed data bearer capability, allowing data access via a broadband data network. "This win also inaugurates our working relationship with Vissim Renewables, and we look forward to more successful collaborations with them in the future."

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