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24/05/16  Sales and leadership skills are the focus of Cambridge Network courses next month

Forthcoming training from Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration includes courses to help you develop selling skills or to cultivate leadership behaviours.

Sales for Non-Selling Professionals on Wednesday 8 June (a host venue is sought) is a one-day course for professionals who are not in a formal sales role but who have a responsibility to bring in revenue, acquire clients and/or grow existing clients as part of their role.

According to Daniel Pink (author of To Sell Is Human), we are all in sales now whether or not we like to admit it. The focus of the day is to give you practical tools and techniques for having more effective sales conversations and to become more comfortable with the business development part of your role. 

The course will look at the attitude, behaviour and technique elements that are required to be more successful in business development. 

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Transition to Leadership on Thursday 16 & Friday 17 June (a host venue is also required) is an interactive, reflective and highly practical course, leading to concrete actions to achieve success through positive and engaging leadership behaviours.

Promotion makes us managers - but often with no man management experience or training. We sink or swim and our people sink or swim with us. Some of us are good at 'getting it done'  - but what damage may we cause along the way?

We all have our own natural leadership style, but unless we are aware of it we will be unable to flex when required, and the morale and resilience of the team will be negatively affected.

This two day event is designed to highlight what is important, what you currently 'measure up to' and where you can change to ensure greater leadership success.

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Did you know that Cambridge Network membership means you automatically have the right to book on to any of the Network's quality Learning Collaboration courses at any time? A wide spectrum of soft skills, technical and leadership development courses are on offer throughout the year, so sign up now to build your capabilities...

The Learning Collaboration works on behalf of Cambridge Network members to organise, purchase and share training and management development opportunities, delivered locally. That means all members benefit from economies of scale, gaining improved access to high quality professional training courses at value-for-money prices.

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