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05/05/16  Plextek promotes new CEO to stimulate company growth and innovation

New rebrand and vision to nurture greater cross-pollination of ideas and innovations for customer projects based on recent defence market successes and intellectual property.

Thursday 5th May, Cambridge 2016: Electronics consultancy Plextek, has promoted its former Defence & Security Director, Nicholas Hill to the position of CEO. Nicholas has been central to Plextek’s meteoric success in the defence market over the last four years that has seen the company recognised as a trusted partner and key industry innovator by the Centre of Defence Enterprise (CDE), the MoD and several other top-level UK Government frameworks.

In his new role as CEO, Nicholas will use his past experiences and best practices to help grow the wider business and nurture Plextek’s innovative capabilities to ensure the business is working with customers to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards of robustness, reliability and ease of manufacture across multiple technology markets. With revenue growing by 20% this year, the company has increased its work with Dstl core research programmes, including government frameworks and strategic research activities in MoD technology demonstrator programmes.

In other changes, Plextek will unfocus its efforts in the automotive sector in favour of investing more resources in a dedicated Security Group led by Plextek’s CTO, Paul Martin. The group will focus on applying Plextek’s unique knowledge to tackling key security problems, generating ideas, providing vital industry insight, new capabilities and solutions, and following them through to delivery with clients.

Plextek’s medical group, headed by Collette Johnson, will continue its successful work with established brands and innovative start ups in the healthcare space in terms of product development, proof of concept delivery, technology road mapping and concept development.

Nicholas Hill, CEO of Plextek Ltd: “Our knowledge of specific markets ensures Plextek fully understands our customers’ challenges and opportunities and can guide them on the most appropriate application of technology for each project. However, our multi-sector experience also makes us an "innovation hub" where the transfer of sector skills, ideas and IP happens under a single roof. This is incredibly valuable to our customers.”

"Rather than waiting for light-bulb moments, true innovators today look at other sectors and apply existing technologies in unexpected ways. Using existing technology and applying it differently in different markets can be a cheaper and easier way to market than 're-inventing the wheel'. Good developers will come up with better, smarter product designs if they know what they are trying to achieve and where they can look for existing know-how. This discipline is integral to the culture of the new Plextek.”

Plextek is also re-organising and refocusing its technical capability in order to further boost its ability to provide outstanding innovation and design services. Dedicated teams will now work in areas including signal processing, antennas and propagation, communication systems, sensor systems, manufacturing, product design, embedded systems and machine learning.

In addition to the strategic and team changes, the company has rebranded to Plextek (from Plextek Consulting) and has demerged from former Plextek Group Companies Plextek RF Integration, Telensa, Blighter Surveillance Systems and Redtail Telematics. From today, the new Plextek website will also have a refreshed, mobile optimised design and a new logo, to ensure a cleaner and simplified experience.

Notes to editors:

Based near Cambridge, UK, electronic design and product innovation consultancy Plextek specialises in solving complex engineering challenges for customers in a range of key markets including defence, security, medical and IoT.

In business for over 25 years, Plextek's capabilities range from innovation and concept development to product and system design and equipment manufacture and supply. Other core areas of technology expertise include embedded solutions; sensor systems; RF systems; signal processing; and artificial intelligence and data analytics. By efficiently using a broad range of skills, Plextek deliver innovative solutions that meet the highest standards for robustness, reliability and ease of manufacture.

Trusted by organisations worldwide, Plextek's team deliver maximum value and competitive advantage from its clients' investments in technology. Our Website:

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