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InterDigital Europe

InterDigital Europe

Senior Engineer

In 2013 InterDigital established its International Labs in London (UK) and is now adding a new office in Berlin (Germany). InterDigital Germany is seeking to add a lead research engineer to its International Labs European group.

InterDigital Communications ( develops fundamental wireless technologies that are at the core of mobile devices, networks and services. InterDigital solves many of the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges, inventing solutions for more efficient broadband networks and richer multimedia experiences years ahead of market deployment. InterDigital has licenses and a strategic relationship with many of the world’s leading wireless companies. Founded in 1972, InterDigital is listed on the NASDAQ and is included in the S&P Midcap 400®index.

In 2013 InterDigital established its International Labs in London (UK) and is now adding a new office in Berlin (Germany). InterDigital Germany is seeking to add a Senior Engineer to its International Labs European group. The role will be to support advanced research and development activities in the space of 5G Networks & Terminals, in particular in the context of InterDigital involvement in the European H2020 5G-PPP projects ( The role will involve very active participation in 5G-PPP Projects and will demand excellent technical expertise, relationship management and proven communication and collaboration skills. In addition, the role will involve supporting outreach to the local and national research community and the representation of InterDigital in such forums.

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate recent experience on designing and developing wireless networks. Ideal candidates will have experience with research and lab prototyping of programmable Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies suitable to next generation (5G and beyond) communication systems. Experience in RAN virtualization is a plus. Software skills are desired for development in Linux environment using programming languages (e.g., C++, Python, Java).

Candidates will be expected to hold advanced degrees in EEE, CS or similar. A PhD qualification is certainly a plus but strong MSc candidates with equivalent accumulated academic or industrial experience will also be considered. A minimum of 5 years of industry or industry/academic experience is required. Knowledge and experience with German research and funding programs such as BMBF and BMWI as well as contacts to local players, both academic as well as industrial is highly desirable. Demonstrable understanding of the local Berlin Technology Ecosystem would be a plus. A high level of independence, autonomy or self-management is required. A good level of communication in German is essential. English language fluency is required. European travel will be required.

Specific responsibilities in this role will include:

  • Working with the responsible project lead to develop 5G system and platform architectures
  • Develop the necessary specifications in collaboration with European Project Partners
  • Lead internal development efforts and ensure alignment with greater project objectives
  • Support project lead to facilitate the review and approval of project deliverables
  • Represent InterDigital interests and positions within collaborative project activities
  • Contribute to the generation of industry publications in areas of expertise as required
  • Communication and socialization of project activities within greater internal project teams

Successful candidates will enjoy a relaxed startup type atmosphere with the security of a mature organization with over 40 years of history in the wireless industry.

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