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Anderson Young

Anderson Young

DLMS / Metering Software Developer with Project Management responsibility

DLMS experience and metering technology experience will get you the chance to tick both boxes and shape a very exciting career with one of the fastest growing companies in this space.

You will be a Software Developer who understands metering technology and has worked with DLMS.

You may have a thirst for furthering your career and be interested in gaining Project Management experience.

You may want to use your metering experience to work with more cutting edge IoT and wireless technology?

You may want to work for the fastest growing company in this space.

You may want to work with the very best Developers in the UK?

Whatever your motivations for a change, we need to speak. This company will expand by 700% in the next 12 months. Contact me for a private and confidential conversation as soon as possible. Your application will receive my instant attention.

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