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Senior Developer at Digital Tech startup (Backed by IBM, Innovate UK) at SenSat

We digitise the world, recreating places and objects in incredible detail to render them in a virtual state. Teams around the world are using SenSat and Mapp to make their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

Job Description

Who we are
We’re an award winning geo-spatial tech start up whose mission is to digitise the world, recreating places and objects in incredible detail to render them into a virtual environment. We build technologies that make important information about the world accessible to everyone.

We’ve consulted and implemented projects for a range of clients across FTSE 100 firms down to local authority government. We currently work with businesses in the construction and transport sectors, as well as local and
national governments.

We recently were commended as the most innovative technology to be introduced to construction in the past year and our backers include: IBM, Innovate UK, the European Regional Development Fund and the Business and IP Centre.

What we’re doing
We believe technology will shape the future of efficient working. We believe in innovation in sustainability, collecting useful information that can help us make better, more informed decisions for a future of sustainable growth.

Technology should also improve the world for everybody, freeing people to work on formative and worthwhile pursuits. By allowing computers to interact for the first time with our physical world we are unlocking untold potential. Digitisation is a step change even greater than the internet.

Mapp, a cloud based 3D map, unlocks the potential of drone data for teams who design, build and maintain assets in the physical world. It provides a suite of tools to help people interpret collected data, automate repetitive tasks and aid communication. By using autonomous fixed wing drones as a method for digitising entire sites, we are able to create high resolution virtual models that serve as a basis for embedding diverse data sets, such as asset information, CAD drawings and real time sensor output.

Technology should also help reduce workplace risk, making our working environments safer. Mapp can go places a human simply cannot, offering a new, unique and safe approach to what we do.

Who You Are
Above all, you need to be a full-stack developer with geo-spatial experience. You need to have an obsessive attention to detail and user experience. Ideally, your technical skills would be the following:

Front End Expertise: XHTML/CSS/JavaScript – Hand code, standards compliant, semantic, cross platform & cross device interfaces, jQuery, MooTools, Ext. JS (for web/mobile devices). -Application programming Expertise: PHP, ColdFusion, AJAX, Web Services (RSS, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.). Advocate for the appropriate use of SAAS, design patterns, frameworks, SOA, ORM, and MVC. -Experience using gitHub and adapting open source-GIS code for application development: Django, Python, Potree,, lastools, SQL, CesiumJS, WebGL, three.js -Database Expertise: MSSQL/MySQL – Relational database design and programming, stored procedures, triggers, reporting, and administration.
-Server Expertise: IIS, Apache, URL Rewrites, security, certificates, load balancing, etc.

While these are not absolutes, they should serve as a general basis in what we are looking for. Also, we’re looking for someone passionate about what we’re doing and one who believes in technology improving the world around us, allowing us to make better and more informed decisions.

Opportunity & Compensation:

We have done the heavy lifting in terms of the idea, designed with real client direction (we even partnered with a client to gain the funding for the project), how it will be implemented, and conveying this in a comprehensive and professional business plan. The following is available to the right candidate:

  • Equity in the company (based on experience)
  • £45k-65k Salary with bonuses
  • Ground floor opportunity and voice in shaping the company – you will be the third employee and our link to the technological aspect of the business, your input will be invaluable
  • Build a team – We will be making several hires over the next 12 months and will give you huge flexibility and the ability to hire your own development team.

What to Do and Timeframe:

Email your resume, any links to projects you have done, and any relevant information. We are moving quickly on this and plan to hire within the next 3 weeks.


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