IoTUK | Boost: South England 2016 Winners

After a series of rapid incubation workshops in Bristol and Guildford, in which successful SMEs received mentorship and pitched to representatives of prominent healthcare networks, consultancies and leading IoT companies, five prize winners were selected to receive further incubation support from CW, SETsquared and IoTUK. The five prize winners are;

Special Commendation for Health and Social Care Technology

Activ8rlives has developed a solution to the crippling impact of respiratory disease in the form of BuddyWOTCH, a consumer-facing, cross-over medically-certified device collecting key vital signs to accurately forewarn of respiratory failure. The device reduces avoidable hospital admissions by using apps, encrypted data, secure transmission via WiFi and cellular connection to healthcare teams.

Activ8rlives received high praise from the judges for its advanced health and social care technology, specifically the device’s accuracy in prediction and prevention. The team was commended for its rigorous clinical approach and partnering to develop a surrounding community of expertise.

Special Commendation for Growth & Potential

Altitude Tech’s product Sensly is an indoor air quality sensor that uses on-board gas sensors to detect harmful compounds. A smart device and open developer platform enables impressive collaboration and co-creation of solutions and services.

Altitude Tech demonstrated the rawest potential of all the SMEs throughout the programme. Judges agreed that there was a definite ‘wow factor’ with its proposition and with right mentoring the team could instigate a real change in how people perceive the quality of the air they breathe.

Special Commendation for User Design and Experience

Inclusive Media Solutions’ Q-View enables people with cognitive disabilities to scan any item around the home with a smart device and it plays a video of how to use it, providing greater user independence whilst reducing the financial burden of health and social care providers.

Inclusive Media Solutions was singled out by judges for the effectiveness of its user design. Through a clear understanding of complex behaviours and decision making the team has managed to identify a fundamental human need and create an extensive and scalable platform that enhances the social interaction and personal resilience of its users.

Special Commendation for Business Model

Mvbii Ventures’ wearable device Zing, is a watch and activity tracker that can be worn on your wrist, as a necklace or as a pebble in your pocket. It comes with a free app where you can set METs, calorie targets and view the results each day. Additional features include selfies without a stick, music control without touching your phone and secure and fun messaging with just a blow on the watch.

MvBii Ventures strength for the judges lay in the innovation of its business model. Zing has carved out a niche for itself in the wearables market as a flexible, adaptable and affordable alternative. The team has isolated what they can do better than anyone else and demonstrated that they can adapt quickly to accommodate unexpected use cases and meet new sector challenges.

Special Commendation for Proposition

InterliNQ is a Secure IOT Sensor Suite, developed by NquiringMinds,  deployed for  both domestic and commercial properties. It comprises: energy monitors, CO2 sensors, temperature and humidity, boilers and PIR sensors. It allows data and insights to be shared between multiple services at the householder’s discretion. These services can be as diverse as Telecare, Maintenance and Energy Management.

NquiringMinds showed strength in all scoring categories, however judges gave special mention to the manner in which it took on board advice from mentors throughout the programme. The team utilised one-to-one clinics to address areas for improvement within their business model which ultimately lead to the development of a more concrete, attractive proposition.

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