Collaborate, innovate and create the future

“Once one [company] shares their experience with another they end up having amazing unexpected ideas, where their data ends up being more than the sum of its parts”
- Lawrence Archard, uPBeat Product Development

Following the success of last year’s Innovation Showcase, it is back and bigger and better than ever. The Innovation Showcase at CWIC 2017 will be the culmination of a 12-week innovation programme.

From challenge to solution the CWIC innovation programme is a unique opportunity for organisations and individuals to identify, collaborate and co-create solutions, and responses to real-life engineering and commercial challenges.

We begin with the CWIC Starter events which are about Connecting Generations and which will address today’s challenges faced across four main tracks: Healthcare, Transportation, LPWAN and Immersive. Each track will be tackled by teams of startups, SMEs, individuals and other types of organisations.

Sponsors, partners and mentors provide an array of advice, insight, data, toolkits, platforms and support to help teams test & iterate their ideas. We are pleased to announce that our delivery partner is Iotic Labs whose Iotic Space is an online IoT environment where teams and CW member partners can access and share data, devices, applications and insights to explore new ways to work and & develop new solutions and services that have not previously been possible. During the 12-week innovation programme we will collaborate with industry experts and specialists to envisage and develop solutions to the real challenges faced today. Participants then showcase their innovations at the CW Innovation Showcase during the annual CW International Conference in June.

“All the way thought our process we’ve worked with other people…in the IoT space and connected devices space, we want to learn from others and help them by sharing our learnings”
- David Bower, Konnektis

The CW 2016 Innovation Showcase saw 26 companies collaborating on 7 topics over 6 weeks, supported by 5 partners over 4 venues. Topics explored ranged from the Internet of Bins to Smarter Caring, from Reducing Stress to an Internet of Farms.

For more information and to join the journey and be part of this exciting innovation programme and to showcase at the annual CW International Conference, apply here, or if you would like to support us then please get in touch here.

“ThingK are very excited to be part of the innovation showcase along with sponsors and partners Iotic-labs, Cisco, Intel, u-blox and KTN as well as local start-ups such as MobiCycle and OpenSensors. We look forward to demonstrating to FWIC delegates what can be achieved when several IoT companies, big or small, innovate together. The IoT space in the UK is vibrant. The results are very promising.”
- Benedicte Ennis, ThingK

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