The Future of Wireless International Conference 2016

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Day 1 - Tuesday 21 June

Session A1 - Scene Setting
Eileen Burbidge, Passion Capital (no slides)
Jon Carter, Deutsche Telekom - The Telco Advantage
Arabel Bailey, Accenture Digital UK - Platform Economy (no slides)

Session A2 - Smart Cites
Mischa Dohler, Worldsensing - Smart Cities: without the hot air (presentation unavailable)
Steve Leonard, Infocommunications Development Authority of Singapore, SG Innovate - Singapore: The World's First Smart Nation (presentation unavailable)
Nick Chrissos, Cisco - cityverve: Manchester OIT Demonstrator

Track sessions

Track 1: Transforming Healthcare - Little by Little
Steve Feast, EAHSN - How can innovators best work with the NHS?
Shamus Husheer, Heartfelt Technologies - Why Digital Health Isn’t Making An Impact: $
Francis White, AliveCor - Can data driven insights ever replace the wisdom of the doctor? (no slides)
Keith Grimes, Integrated Care 24 - Turning innovation into routine practice (no slides)

Track 2: Industrial Internet
Rob Harwood, ANSYS, Inc - The Industrial Internet and The Critical Role of Simulation
Euan Burns, Carillion - Implementing IoT and Technology in the Built Environment (no slides)
Graeme Wright, Fujitsu - Human Centric Innovation: Driving Digital Transformation
Stephen Hayes, Beckhoff Automation - Cloud based automation control systems

Track 3: Securing the Future
David Mark Harrison, Ofcom - Internet of Things: meeting the security and privacy needs of the consumer
Peter Davies, Thales e-Security - Challenges faced by the automotive industry, and society if we are to reap benefit of connected automotive systems
Raj Samani, Intel Security (presentation unavailable)

Track 4: Standardisation & Test strategies for a connected world
Charles Sturman, u-blox - Narrow Band IoT: The Journey from Clean-sheet to Standardisation
Moray Rumney, Keysight Technologies - Testing 5G: The new space race (presentation unavailable)
Martin Callinan, Source Code Control - Open Source Software Supply Chain Risk
Kevin Maher, SIGFOX - The Race to Standardize IoT

Session A4 - Retail
David Dobson, Intel Corporation - Big Questions, Big Bets
David Sharp, Ocado (presentation unavailable)
Danny Bagge, IBM - Transforming your retail business model

Session A5 - FinTech
Hugh Halford-Thompson, BTL Group LTD - Blockchains in Banking
Ray Anderson, Bango - Floating on Chaos
Magdalena Krön, Barclays - Rise to the Challenge Disrupting the Financial Industry through Open Innovation

Day 2 - Wednesday 22 June

Session B1 - Horizontal Innovation and the disruptive landscape
Naomi Climer, IET and Chris Cartwright, Infosys

Session B2 - Automotive
Ian Simmons, Magna International R&D - Innovation: The challenges for connected mobility (presentation unavailable)
Geoff McGrath, McLaren Applied Technologies - Change the Game
David Wong, SMMT - Connected and autonomous vehicles: beyond infotainment and telematics

Track sessions

Track 5: National Testbeds
Mark Beach, University of Bristol - National test-beds: Bristol 5G projects
Rahim Tafazolli, University of Surrey - 5G Innovation Centre
Paul Copping, Digital Greenwich - 5G and IoT UK test beds and trials

Track 6: Connected Energy
Chris Wright, Moixa - Distributed energy storage systems enable grid resilience
David Hill, Open Energi - How Sharing Economy principles are paving the way to a 100% renewable future
Peter Bance, Origami Energy - Creating the distributed energy marketplace (no slides)

Track 7: Future Regulatory Frameworks
Jane Rumble, Ofcom - The Smartphone Society (presentation unavailable)
Sinead Lynch, CMS - Data Protection implications for Emerging Technologies (presentation unavailable)
Sean Kennedy, KPMG - M2M for global enterprises - Economic impact and future regulatory frameworks

Track 8: Entertainment
Graham Mills, DVB - The future of video content delivery to mobiles
Tony Henderson, Microsoft - The video singularity
Tom Griffiths, ITV - Content Delivery: from Wireless to Wireless?

Profit Zone Discovery Through New User Experience
Kate Stone, Novalia (no slides)
Anthony Newstead, Coca-Cola Innovation Services (no slides)

Business Model Insights
Jaideep Prabhu, Cambridge Judge Business School - Frugal Innovation: How to do More (and Better) with Less
Alan Brown, Surrey Business School - Lessons for Tech Startups

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