The Future of Wireless International Conference 2015

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Day 1 - Tuesday 23 June 2015

Session A1: Wireless is dead. Long live wireless!
Dr David Cleevely, CBE, FREng, FIET, Chairman, Cambridge Wireless - Opening keynote (View video)
David Wood, Delta Wisdom - Wireless disrupted (View video)
Tim Whitley, BT - Unexpected evolution: How meeting the demand for mobile data has rejuvenated fast copper access and transformed core optical transport resulting in FMC – but not as we expected (View video)

Session A2: Smartphones: Lynchpin of technology innovation, or black, flat and boring?
Jeffrey Ju, MediaTek - Smartphone innovation – the best is yet to come (View video)
Tim Rundle, Conran and Partners - Wireless product design innovation; today's 'smartphone' is just the tip of the iceberg (View video)

Session A3: Wearables, Wheels and Washing machines – the new WWW of wireless innovation
Michael Hobbs, Accenture Digital UK and Ireland - Behind the hype – bringing the Internet of Things to life (View video)
Nicolas Graube, CSR - Learning to walk before we can run (View video)

Session A4: Specialist parallel track sessions
Track 1: Reinventing urban design – wirelessly

Part 1: It’s NOT about the technology - Panellists (View video)
Miranda Sharp, Ordnance Survey
Mike Short, Telefonica
Neil Manthorpe, Atkins Global
Dejan Bojic, NEC Europe
John Stenlake, Living PlanIT

Part 2: It IS all about the citizen experience - Panellists (View video)
Justin Anderson, Flexeye
Ed Parham, Space Syntax
Paul Wilson, Bristol is Open
Robert Schukai, Thomson Reuters

Track 2: Reinventing spectrum allocation
Graham Louth, Aetha Consulting - The metric to millimetre transition – what’s happening to radio?
John Burns, Plum Consulting - Wi-Fi’s role in an evolving mobile ecosystem
Joe Butler, Ofcom - The 4G to 5G transition – implications for regulatory policy
Prof H Nwana, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance - Will this work for Middle Earth?

Track 3: Reinventing the semiconductor industry
Miles Kirby, Qualcomm Ventures - Silicon venture investing: Has the opportunity to invest in silicon start-ups passed?
Luis Barreto, Neul - The IoT opportunity
Nigel Toon, Xmos - Starting a chip company in 2015
Bryan Donoghue, Cambridge Consultants - The next wave in software defined radio: fully-digital radios

Track 4: Reinventing the network infrastructure industry
Raj Singh, Cavium - Reinventing the network infrastructure industry
Nick Parsons, Polatis - Software defined photonics for intelligent optical networks
Moray Rumney, Keysight Technologies - No phone left behind
Alan Carlton, InterDigital Europe - Moving 5G forward from vision to reality

Track 5: Infocomms Protocols. Accelerate a post 2020 connected world
Stephen Temple, founding Chairman of the ETSI Technical Assembly; visiting professor at the University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre
Andy Sutton, Principal Network Engineer, EE
John Day, Boston University
Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge
Gerry Foster, University of Surrey
Sir David Brown, Chairman, BSI
Olaf Kolkman, IETF
Adrian Scrase, ETSI
Juan Carlos Zúñiga, InterDigital

Day 2 - Wednesday 24 June 2015

Session B1: The ‘long tail’ of wireless: delivering the next 50 billion wireless devices
Alex Sinclair, GSMA - Operators as an enabler for the Internet of Things (View video)
Mike Bell, Jaguar Land Rover - Where next for the connected car - the challenges and opportunities? - presentation unavailable (View video)

Session B2: Innovation Hothouse
Introduction from Frank Mackel, Rohde & Schwarz (View video)
Pitching sessions from 2014 Discovering Start-Ups Competition winners

Session B3: Roadmap for the Smart City
Stephen Lowe, The KTN - Built Environment - Roadmap to the future of urban living (View video)

Session B4: How the next wave of computing changes everything
Oberdan Donadio, ANSYS UK - Simulation product technology for wireless systems virtualization (View video)
Krzysztof Berezowski, Thaumatec - The future of computing is made of people! (View video)

Session B5: Big Data
David Beardmore, Telefonica Dynamic Insights - Should you stop selling products and move into services? (Video not available)
Shorful Islam, Stream Intelligence - Let’s get physical – and get our head out of the Cloud (View video)

Session B6: The Cambridge Debate: Do we need 5G?
For: Howard Benn, Samsung Electronics Research Institute  (View debate)
Against: Tony Milbourn, u-blox  (View debate)

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