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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Joint Academic & Industry and Radio Technology SIG event - 'Radio Technology: Realising the future'

Start date/time :  10:00 4th July 2017
End date/time :  17:00 4th July 2017
Venue :  Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS
Organiser name :  Laura Farthing
Organiser email :

In radio communications, the laws of physics clash with the best laid plans of product designers. Their job is a constant struggle to balance the desire for a small, attractive, cheap, highly functional, device with infinite battery life against the characteristics of real antennas, batteries, radio circuits and the compromises inherent in making things in large quantities. Yet every so often something comes along that changes the game: a new type of antenna; a new filter technology; new ways to make radio receivers. Research is often focused on the short term needs of just getting a new product into production inside a company; or can be long-term with no obvious focus but of great scientific interest to academics. Confirmed speakers include Dr Sajad Haq of Qinetiq, Steve Fitz of Plextek, Michael Hill-King of Huawei, Professor Yang Hao of QMUL, Dr Tongyun Li of University of Cambridge, Alister Burr of University of York and Oliver James of University of Bristol.


Maybe the two sides should get together? Industry could talk about their "wouldn't it be nice if's"... (we could travel faster than light? we could make an efficient omnidirectional antenna covering dc to light and the size of a penny?); while researchers could talk about new possibilities in materials, circuit design, electro-magnetics, that could change the ground rules. That's a process we want to start at the CW joint Academic & Industry and Radio Technology SIGs event on 4th July, at Queen Mary College, London.

The event will be structured as a "challenge/response" programme, Industry challenging Academia with the big issues still to be solved in making radios - not just mobile phones but any application of RF technology for communications; and Academia talking about the new possibilities opened up by research. Expect an interesting, mind-stretching day. Confirmed speakers include:

The Academic & Industry SIG is championed by John Haine of Bristol University, Claudio Marinelli of Eight19, Joachim Wabnig of Nokia and Ian Wassell of University of Cambridge.

The Radio Technology SIG is championed by Mark Beach of Bristol University, Brian Collins of BSC Associates, Diego Giancola of PA Consulting Group, and Peter Topham of Qualcomm Technologies International.

We are grateful to Queen Mary University of London for hosting this event and Rohde & Schwarz for sponsoring this event.

To follow this SIG on Twitter, @cambwireless, please use #CWAcademic and #CWRadioTech

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Organisation:  CW (Cambridge Wireless)