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Cambridge Network

Quantum Technologies – from discovery science to industrial applications (a Cambridge Network event)

Start date/time :  26-Jan-17: 5pm
End date/time :  26-Jan: 7pm
Venue :  The Maxwell Centre, Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thompson Avenue, CB3 0HE
Organiser name :  Louise Rushworth
Organiser email :  louise.rushworth @
Organiser tel :  01223 760102

This talk is arranged in partnership with the University of Cambridge Maxwell Centre in what we hope to be a series of talks from leading university professors.

The talk will outline the landscape for Quantum Technologies, a ripening field where blue-skies science is enabling real life devices utilising quantum superposition and entanglement. The UK government’s recent substantial investment to this area is targeted at accelerating commercial uptake of emerging quantum-enabled technologies. Still, there are difficulties to overcome, and further development is required before quantum computers and devices can deliver their full promise. One of the oustanding issues relates to quantum light sources: for industrial compatibility they should be able to emit light (photons) of the specified wavelength, on demand and it should be possible to place such a quantum light source where design requires it to be. Until recently, however, it was only possible to either generate good quality photons, but from a random location (e.g. from self-assembled quantum dots) or from a pre-defined position, but compromising on quality. Prof. Atature will discuss his work in this field, and his recent break-through patented technology that enables reliable and controlled quantum light generation, on demand and by design where needed. He will also discuss quantum enablers for distributed secure sensing in IoT.

Professor Mete Atature is a leading expert in optical control of quantum systems, working at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. He received his B.Sc. from Bilkent University Physics Department in Turkey. Then, he joined Quantum Imaging Laboratory at Boston University for graduate studies under the supervision of Profs. Sergienko, Saleh and Teich. During his PhD he worked on multiparameter entanglement and quantum interference using spontaneous parametric down-conversion. In 2002, he switched research interests to quantum optics with semiconductor systems. Until 2007, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow (and later Oberassistent) with Prof. Atac Imamoglu in the Quantum Photonics Group at ETH Zurich. He joined the Cavendish Laboratory in 2007 as a Lecturer and became a Professor in 2015. His research group currently focusses on solid-state quantum networks, nanoscale quantum sensors and energy-efficient novel quantum devices. He is a member of the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT) and leads the Quantum Cambridge initiative.

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