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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Academic & Industry SIG: REBOOT - Philips Research Laboratories, Cambridge

Start date/time :  13:00 2nd February 2017
End date/time :  17:30 2nd February 2017
Venue :  Philips Research Laboratories, Cambridge

The goal of CW Academic and Industry SIG is to organising events that stimulate interactions between industry and academia in the fast-evolving and multi-faceted world of wireless technology.

We recognise that technical education and advanced academic research are the foundation for innovation in the wireless industry. To reflect its fast development pace, we are planning to update the format and focus of future events to address the key challenges in promoting knowledge exchange between academia and industry in the wireless sector. 

Academics often find it difficult to engage at the right level with Industry; and industrial R&D departments find it hard to relate to some of the good academic research being done across the UK. CW has a broad industrial membership and a number of leading UK universities or university departments are also members. CW events, not just in this SIG but in others too, have been highly valued by both sides.


The next SIG meeting, rather than having a technical focus, will therefore aim to bring together academic and industry CW members in a workshop with the aim of building a consensus regarding what the SIG should offer in the future, i.e., to effectively "reboot" the SIG. 

Please come along and have your say about how you would like to see the SIG evolve so that it can best address the vitally important topic of collaboration between academia and industry.

The Academic and Industry SIG is championed by John Haine, Bristol University, Claudio Marinelli, Eight19, Joachim Wabnig, Nokia Technologies and Ian Wassell, University of Cambridge.

To follow this SIG on Twitter, @cambwireless, please use #CWAcademic

This event is FREE to attend for members and non-members of CW. To join CW as a member and attend future events for free, please visit

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