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'Military Radio Communication, Radar & Navigation Equipment - Restored and Working' - Wireless Heritage SIG event - Duxford 21.10.16

Start date/time :  13:30 21st October 2016
End date/time :  17:30 21st October 2016
Venue :  Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4QR

The next Wireless Heritage meeting is taking place at the Duxford Radio Society and will incorporate a fascinating insight into military communication, radar and navigation used during warfare, with live demonstrations of equipment restored by members of the Society.

The Duxford Radio Society (DRS) provides the function of the Radio Section at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, near Cambridge. DRS consists of a group of radio communications specialist volunteers who research, conserve, restore, display and operate historic military radio, radar and navigation equipment to support the Imperial War Museums Duxford operation.

The equipment on display covers examples of the following categories of military communication:
Radio communication in land warfare, airborne combat and naval warfare between 1914 and 2010

  • Airborne radio navigation between 1941 and 1970
  • Airborne radar used in WW2 and the early cold war
  • Clandestine communications between 1942 and 1970

Our visit will consist of demonstrations and explanations of the various equipment DRS has conserved and restored, including:

  • a working Gee System Teaching Set Type 30 Navigator ground training station
  • a working 'Command' Radio System from USA B17 and B24 aircraft
  • (hopefully) a working war-time H2S radar system being driven by modern digital processors (H2S was the WW2 3cm radar carried by the heavy bombers to give them a PPI display of the terrain under the aircraft, as an aid to navigation and target identification.)



Start time: 13:30
Finish time: approx 16:00

  • The Duxford Radio Society exhibition and display areas are located in Duxford Buildings 177 and 178 which are positioned between Hangar 5 and the American Air Museum: see Duxford site map. Please note it is an approximately 10 minute walk from the main entrance to the DRS buildings.
  • Attendees (unless they are Friends of Duxford) will need to pay to get into Duxford (i.e. entry to Duxford is not included) - see the Duxford website IWM Duxford | Imperial War Museums for details.
  • Duxford has a number of cafes/restaurants for lunch or coffee beforehand.

The Wireless Heritage SIG is championed by Stirling Essex of Espansivo, Steve Haseldine of Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain, Andy Sutton of EE, Geoff Varrall of RTT Online and Nigel Wall of Climate Associates.

We are extremely grateful to the Duxford Radio Society for hosting this event. Hopefully you can make this event before DRS move to winter hours! REGISTER INTEREST

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