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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Future Devices SIG Event - 'App-ocalypse! - Life after the Smartphone App'

Start date/time :  10:00 7th November 2016
End date/time :  15:35 7th November 2016
Venue :  Marks & Clerk, 90 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9RA

Today the Smartphone is the centre of our digital universe, and the means by which we interact with a growing number of connected devices, everyday objects and digitised services. Think: Nest, Uber and Amazon. But will this single-device centric model be sustainable as the number of connected devices and digital services we engage with is set to grow dramatically. This event hosted by Marks and Clerk and sponsored by Beko. Speakers include Bastien Beauvois, Ultrahaptics, Serdal Korkut Avci and Özgür Mutlu Öz, Arcelik and Rodolfo Rosini,


Already beginning to emerge, are next-generation approaches to interacting with our increasingly digital world. These include the rapidly growing area of AI and machine learning, new modes of interaction involving movement, speech and tactility, and virtual and blended reality.

Join us at this stimulating event with thought-provoking speakers from backgrounds in both design and technology as we explore the nature of our future digital life. Unique to this event, we will also be inviting you to join us in a participatory workshop exploring new design approaches, which could help you and your business rethink how you design new products and services.

Speakers include:

The Future Devices SIG is championed by Dev Audsin of Beko, Amyas Phillips of ARM, John Roe of Accenture, Charles Sturman of u-blox and Peter Whale of Iotic Labs.

We are grateful to Marks & Clerk for hosting this event and to Beko, for sponsoring the lunch.

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Organisation:  CW (Cambridge Wireless)