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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Genesis Conference 2016: Leadership Sessions – Digital Health

Start date/time :  09:00 1st December 2016
End date/time :  19:15 1st December 2016
Venue :  QEII Centre, Westminster, London, UK

Championed by CW (Cambridge Wireless) Wireless Healthcare SIG: Rob Blake of Philips Research Laboratories, Peter Ferguson of ARM, Collette Johnson of Plextek Consulting, Primrose Mbanefo of Accenture and Paul Winter of TTP Group.

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Stream C 11.30-12.30
Industry Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

The growing presence of digital technology in how we detect, diagnose, manage and treat health disorders raises immense opportunities for patients, healthcare providers, payers and industry alike. That said, there are also significant challenges as we grapple with data protection, validation, regulatory and commercialisation dilemmas. This session will see speakers discuss these challenges and the trends emerging to address them and how an optimum outcome for all stakeholders may be achieved.

Stream C 14.00-15.00
Digital Health – Patient Engagement

Engaging patients at the earliest point is key to disease management whether that be slowing progression by monitoring symptom onset to managing complex co-morbidities. In the pharmaceutical sector engaging patients has been a difficult and unmeasured science, however that is now changing and digital technology is at the frontier of engaging patients to the point of self-management and in some cases disease prevention. This track session will look at the different digital technologies used and the successes they have had in engaging patients to enable the wider community to learn from these experiences to implement digital technology for patient engagement in the future.

Stream C 16.10-17.10
Investing in Digital Health

Digital Health covers a multitude of aspects and points of intervention in the healthcare pathway. Patient adherence, drug development, diagnosis, prevention and more can be enabled though the collection and appropriate use of valid data. For a clinician a mantra of ‘do no harm’ and a patient query of ‘do I trust someone with my data?’ highlights some of the people challenges that are not technical yet must be addressed. What is less clear for many is which business models are suitable in the digital health field. How can the data be valued or monetised, what are the risks and what are the exit routes for investors will all be discussed in this session to shed light on some of the strategies being developed right now.

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