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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Location SIG Event - 'What do users and applications really need for ubiquitous positioning?'

Start date/time :  13:30 25th January 2017
End date/time :  17:30 25th January 2017
Venue :  Geovation Hub, Urban Innovation Centre, 1 Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0BE
Organiser name :  Harriet Carey
Organiser email :

With multiple GNSS now operational and UWB, BLE and low cost inertial sensors making ubiquitous high quality positioning a reality what is it that applications and users really need from positioning, navigation and localisation? Speaker include Adrian Ward of Decawave; Martin Kingston of EE.


At one time it was always about accuracy, but do other performance metrics matter more now? Is the time it takes to compute a position (TTFF or latency) an issue? What about confidence in the position? Reliability of the positioning system under all circumstances? Is accurate 3D positioning essential? What about the position context, especially for indoors? Do secondary parameters such as speed, orientation and direction matter?

In this SIG meeting we are going to explore some of the applications that are really beginning to take off embracing positioning, navigation and localisation for users and things (IoT) with a specific emphasis on what the technology really needs to deliver for these applications. We have brought together a few visionary speakers and several creative start-ups for this exciting event hosted at the Geovation Hub in London. Confirmed speakers are:

  • Adrian Ward, Decawave
  • Martin Kingston, Principal Designer, EE

We also have the following start ups confirmed:

This Location SIG is championed by David Bartlett of Omnisense, Bob Cockshott of The KTN and Ben Tarlow of Qualcomm.

We are grateful to Geovation for hosting this event.

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Organisation:  CW (Cambridge Wireless)