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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Small Cell SIG event - 'Small Cells enable new commercial business models'

Start date/time :  13:30 7th December 2016
End date/time :  17:30 7th December 2016
Venue :  EIP, Fairfax House, Fulwood Place, London WC1V 6HU

Several solutions are being promoted whereby LTE augments cellular service and extends or competes with traditional cellular network operators. These could radically disrupt the traditional cellular infrastructure industry by transferring investment and delegating some operational control to third parties. While some of the cellular industry focusses on technical advances of 5G, this expanded application of LTE is likely to impact more quickly and universally. With multiple technical options, it’s helpful to understand the trade-offs and timescales between them. Join us for this popular SIG Event curated by the Small Cell SIG Group and kindly hosted by EIP. Confirmed to speak are James Seymour and Adam Wylie from EIP, Nick Johnson, CTO at ipAccess, Dirk Lindemeier from the Multefire Alliance, Simon Saunders, Access Technology Principal, Google and Federico Boccardi, Principal, Spectrum Technology at Ofcom


Technical proposals include using unlicensed or lightly licensed shared spectrum at 3.5GHz or 5GHz, favouring Small Cell architectures rather than DAS. A new generation of handsets/smartphones will be required, in some cases with wider implications for interaction of other spectrum use including Wi-Fi.

Commercial models range from direct connections with existing networks, consolidating via neutral hosts or operate completely standalone. Funding for network deployment may come from building owners rather than network operators who will have expectations for quality of service and ease of use. End users would expect better service with a clear understanding of any billing implications and who to call to resolve technical problems.

This SIG event examines both technical and commercial aspects, and discusses the implications. A Q&A panel session will address questions from delegates.

We are very grateful to EIP patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and litigators, for kindly hosting this event.

Confirmed speakers for this event include:

  • James Seymour, Partner & Patent Attorney, EIP and Adam Wylie, Director Enterprise Solutions, Patently, EIP
  • Nick Johnson, Chief Technical Officer, ipAccess
  • Dirk Lindemeier, Head of Business Centre, Advance Mobile Network Solutions, Nokia and Spokesperson for the Multefire Alliance
  • Federico Boccardi, Principal, Spectrum Technology, Ofcom
  • Simon Saunders, Access Technology Principal, Google

The Small Cell SIG is championed by David Chambers of ThinkSmallCell, Simon Fletcher of Real Wireless, Neil Piercy of ip.access and Simon Saunders of Google.

Read an interview David Chambers did with speaker, Stephan Litjens of Multefire Alliance in May 2016.

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Organisation:  CW (Cambridge Wireless)