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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Radio Technology SIG event - 'Big Radio'

Start date/time :  12:00 13th July 2016
End date/time :  17:30 13th July 2016
Venue :  BBC, MediaCityUK, Dock House, Salford Quays, Salford M50 2BH

One could be forgiven for assuming that radio communications research today focuses on 5G, ultra-fast Wi-Fi, and other techniques where bandwidths increase, frequencies rise, and cells get ever smaller. Yet there have been fascinating developments also in applications ranging from broadcasting through global HF and satellite communications to radio astronomy. In the next step in CW expanding its geographic reach, a CW Radio Technology SIG event on 13th July 2016 will be held at the BBC at MediaCity in Salford and sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz and will present "Big Radio"! Speakers include Anthony Brown of University of Manchester, Peter Bagot of University of Bristol, Paul Harris of University of Bristol, Paul Winter of TTP, Gerard Borg of Australian National University


Big Radio is the exploration of how radio technology, applying the latest RF circuit techniques and advanced digital processing, can allow us to communicate ever more effectively using less spectrum and lower power to cover huge areas, and probe the furthest limits of the universe.

The Radio Technology SIG is championed by Brian Collins of BSC Associates, Diego Giancola of PA Consulting Group, John Haine of Universtiy of Bristol and Gerald Miaille of Qualcomm Technologies International

We are extremely grateful to the BBC for hosting, and to Rohde & Schwarz for sponsoring the event.

To follow this SIG on Twitter, @cambwireless, please use #CWRadioTech

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BBC Research & Development

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