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CIR Strategy

CIR Strategy

Referendum Insights Conference Series 2016 April-June - starting in Cambridge 3-4 May

Start date/time :  18:45 18th April 2016
End date/time :  17:30 19th April 2016
Venue :  Cambridge, UK (then Oxford, City of London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, London)
Organiser name :  CIR Strategy
Organiser email :
Organiser tel :  01223 303500

For leaders in technology businesses to discuss their perspectives on this once-in-a-generation decision for their businesses, without talks from media or politicians. Voting on each day of up to 20 short talks. Summaries produced by partners of the neutral organisers for the participating delegates in advance of the referendum.

UK Referendum Insights Conference 2016 Series Apr-Jun

Tech Business Perspectives & Facts

3 May 2016 - Day 1 6:45pm evening roundtable dinner and networking - King's College, Cambridge

4 May 2016 - Day 2 10:00 - 5:30pm Referendum Insights Conference - King's College, Cambridge

There has been the desire among business executives for better information and discussion on the EU referendum.

This timely event series will provide a large number of shared experiences and perspectives for tech international business peers. 

The organisers are impartial and politically independent in this process.

No politicians or journalists will be allowed to give talks in the programme, only business leaders at technology-based companies. Chatham House rules or as agreed by delegates on the day.

A fact-checked summary of the referendum insights conference fresh content from business leaders will be produced and sent by priority to delegates.

Leading VP and C-level executives of start-up, SME, scale-up and multinational companies come together to discuss this once in a generation issue and also to network, do business and to find new applications and revenue streams to address international business and grow.

The Conference has a unique and timely programme. Talks are short. 20 talks are offered neutrally, first-come first-served. Delegates may sign up to give a short talk or just attend and take on board others' views.

5-8 minute talk format suggested:

  • My company and offering in brief
  • Our experiences of trade in EU and/or outside it
  • Our view and reasoning (optional)
  • Question/s we still have - fact/s we want checked
  • Closing remarks

There follows a rapid anonymous informal vote among delegates in the afternoon coffee networking break and a final open panel discussion on the result and issue. It is an ideal and timely programme for strategy! Samples of the experiences of up to 100 or so delegates at each regional event across the UK will be collated in advance of the referendum on 23 June for all business and technology delegates.

Book here now or call Maya on +44 1223 303500 to secure your place. Early bird tickets are automatically at 10% off up to one month before events.

This unique international long-running technology event series since 2002 has provided 40 excellent conference fora for trading, partnering, developing and learning about world-changing innovations for technology-based industry.

Agenda format for all Referendum Insights Conferences

Dinner evening Day 1

10:05-11:00 Day 2 Session 1: Introduction & Morning Presentations
led by leading moderator
10:05 Introduction
10:10 - 11:10 6 technology leader speakers
11:10-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-13:00 Session 2: Further Late Morning Presentations 
11:30 - 12:45 7 more technology leader speakers
12:45-14:00 Lunch & networking
14:00-16:00 Session 3: Early afternoon presentations 
14:00 - 15:10 Up to 7 more technology leader speakers 
15:10 - 16:00 Tea & voting break
16:00-17:30 Session 4: Discussion and Voting Result led by neutral chair
16:30 Led Discussion
16:55 Announcement of voting result
17:00 Led discussion of results and the future
17:30 Close


Professional Conference Centre central in city of event - state-of-art auditorium, excellent networking & exhibition spaces, meeting areas, great food, plentiful coffee. Participants will be sent venue details in advance; please call us for information on this or any aspect. The event series will visit 8 key venue cities between 4 May and 14 June across all parts of the UK.

Upcoming Referendum Insights Conference 2016 Series Cities & dates* between May 4 - June 14:

*The first day of each series event is the dinner evening from 6:30pm and the second day is the main conference forum full day. Venues will be sent to participants but are each professional high quality conference venues in central city locations.


Please book online asap. You can book to be a delegate with or without speaking slot at same price if eligible to speak as a tech-based company representative executive. To learn more about & book to join the Referendum Insights Conference | Dinner Evening | Business Conference & Panel Q&A Day please visit or call Maya on 01223 303500.

There is an automated 10% discount for early bookings 1 month before series events. There are also 12-15% discounts for tech engrepreneurs and some other concessions in the form, and there are deep discounts for dinner-plus-conference all event passes.

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