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CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Automotive and Transport SIG event - 'Connected vehicles - the ultimate IoT sensor?'

Start date/time :  13:30 5th July 2016
End date/time :  17:00 5th July 2016
Venue :  Digital Greenwich, 6 Mitre Passage, Greenwich Peninsula, London, SE10 0ER

As connected vehicles start to enter the mainstream markets it’s time to consider the bigger picture here – namely the big data picture. Connected vehicles not only generate huge amounts of their own data – such as engine performance, wear indicators and travel history but they can also be considered as mobile Internet of Things sensors collectively travelling the length and breadth of nations gathering gigabytes of data. Join us in this thought provoking SIG event, hosted by Digital Greenwich, as city, road and network operators, vehicle manufacturers and internet giants position themselves to exert some control on this battleground. Speakers are Alec McCullie of KPMG, Prof Nick Reed of TRL, Andy Graham of White Willow Consulting and Iain Davidson of Arkessa.


With the increasing range of sensors being fitted to vehicles such data can include video of the immediate surroundings, local weather, environmental and traffic conditions, road wear detection and much more. In fact it doesn’t take much imagination to see how vehicles could become mainstream sensors for many sectors – road and parking operators, city authorities to name but a few – potentially reducing the need for such organisation to deploy their own infrastructure.

But who owns the data generated by your car? You probably think you do, the vehicle manufacturer probably thinks they do and possibly some of the vehicle sub-system providers think they own some of the data.  So such individual and crowd sourced capabilities raise many questions - what can such data be used for?  By whom and in what market structure?  This also poses fundamental questions - who owns the data, who gains from the monetisation of such data and who has the data privacy oversight? This is a complex and controversial topic with different sectors and companies all staking their claims. 

Confirmed Speakers are:

  • Alec McCullie, Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Technology, KPMG LLP
  • Prof Nick Reed, Academy Director, TRL
  • Andy Graham, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Consultant, White Willow Consulting
  • Iain Davidson, Product Marketing Manager, Arkessa

The Automotive and Transport SIG is championed by Andrew Ashby, Tom Blackie of RealVNC, John Okas of Real Wireless and Nigel Wall of Climate Associates.

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Hosted by

Digital Greenwich

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