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8power develops easy-to-install wireless monitoring and sensing products for applications across industrial, automotive, utility, built environment and infrastructure markets. The company’s patented technology, developed at the University of Cambridge, addresses the problem of battery replacement. This allows 8power to help organisations improve the utilisation and safety of their assets with lower cost than competing devices and traditional maintenance methods.


AlgoDynamix Ltd

AlgoDynamix is a pioneering portfolio risk analytics company dealing with financially disruptive events. Our products are used by investment banks and asset managers including hedge funds and family offices. The software detects anomalies in the financial markets and anticipates price movements hours (or days) in advance of the event. Unlike other solutions, our products do not require historical data or previous disruptive events The product range includes web/mobile platform, Excel Add-In and API.


Cambridge Animal Technologies Ltd

The world population is to increase to 10B by 2050 and this requires an additional 70% increase in livestock products, including dairy products and meat. With innovative technology and analytics driven solutions, livestock farming industry can be disrupted to improve yields in a sustainable way.  Cambridge Animal Technologies is creating the most versatile animal sensor and data analytics system with a modular design that can be customized to a specific need.



Globally 360 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss. The majority of cases are in low-income countries where a large proportion could be prevented with early detection and intervention. However, they lack the basic primary care required to detect and treat the conditions that lead to hearing loss. Cupris enables healthcare professionals to remotely diagnose hearing loss and ear conditions with a secure software platform and patent-pending smartphone-connected Otoscope that captures images of the ear.



dividiti is a Cambridge-based startup on an exciting mission to enable efficient, reliable and cheap computing everywhere. And we do mean everywhere: from tiny computers embedded in “things” (IoT) to compact personal computers to enormous supercomputers, as increasing the efficiency and decreasing the cost of computing is critical to innovation and wellbeing.


Hoxton Analytics

We deploy multiple discreet sensors close to the floor to accurately count footfall and gather demographic information (such as gender), based on shoes falling within the field of view of the camera. This allows retailers to improve performance through understanding conversion rate patterns, diagnosing store sales variation and managing live occupancy and facility usage. As the technology is based on video, we regularly audit counting accuracy at over 95% to ensure we provide reliable data.


Focal Point Positioning Ltd

Focal Point Positioning is bringing accurate position and time to smartphones and autonomous platforms, indoors and out. We are developing a smartphone-based sensor fusion, machine learning, and signal processing suite to provide satellite positioning capabilities in areas that have been unreachable until now. Our new technology dramatically improves the sensitivity and performance of existing radio-based positioning systems, providing new capabilities and services in urban environments and deep indoors.



Smartphone communication without any carrier network. mesh:ine offers a cutting edge wireless mesh technology embedded into current smartphones and others devices. This enables a especially a younger generation to stay connected, interact with peers nearby and at the same time being aware of privacy issues. Disconnect to connect with the power of mesh:ine.



We are an award winning geo-spatial tech start up who’s mission is to digitise the world, recreating places and objects in incredible detail to render them into a virtual environment. Our mission is to build technologies that make important information about the world accessible to everybody. We recently were commended as the most innovative technology to be introduced to construction in the past year and our backers include: Innovate UK, the European Regional Development Fund, the Dogital Catapult and the Business and IP Centre.


Third Space Auto Ltd

Mobility is an extremely important factor in our lives, especially in the context of families. However, this segment is the least catered for both on the safety and entertainment tangents. In addition to this, due to the sophistication available to people through apps on your smart phone, the expectation is to have it on demand whatever the context. We believe that there is a better way to do this than what we see today. We want to challenge the industry to change the status quo by creating more awareness of these issues and demonstrate how it could be done better.


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