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Focal Point Positioning

Focal Point Positioning

Focal Point Positioning

Focal Point Positioning aims to revolutionise positioning in difficult environments by creating innovative advances in the fields of positioning, navigation and timing, both indoors and outside.

Main contacts:
Ramsey Faragher

Focal Point Positioning is bringing accurate position and time to smartphones and autonomous platforms, indoors and out through its products S-GPS and D-Tail. S-GPS is a smartphone-based sensor fusion, machine learning, and signal processing suite that provides satellite positioning capabilities in areas that have until now been unreachable.

This new technology dramatically improves the sensitivity and performance of existing radio-based positioning systems, providing new capabilities and services in urban environments and deep indoors.

D-Tail is our state-of-the-art 3D human motion tracking engine that can utilise smartphone grade IMUs to provide high accuracy trajectory reconstruction with very low drift.

The applications of robust, high integrity, high accuracy position and time in any environment include: Ubiquitous smartphone localisation, without databases or local infrastructure E-911 and E-112 localisation of emergency calls High-integrity and high-performance navigation systems for autonomous vehicles Lone worker, blue light and security tracking systems Authentication procedures for financial transactions (tight location and time bounding) High-integrity geofencing Spoofing detection and mitigation

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