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CreativeNet Srl

CreativeNet Srl

CreativeNet provides Innovation Management and Business Acceleration to Telecommunications, Mobile Wireless, Corporate and Government Organizations

- Business Acceleration
- Strategic Consulting
- Project Management

Main contacts:
Carlo Palitti

CreativeNet is a true ecosystems builder for smart business innovation Based in Rome but with a worldwide reach, through our network of international partners, we have been providing business development, strategic guidance and project management services to key players in the high-tech industry.

Our experienced team has diverse backgrounds in corporate and entrepreneurial roles and provides business insight and project supervision in disruptive technologies such as: - Internet of Things - Mobile broadband and Rich Media services - Mobile broadband devices & connected CE products - Chipset and communication algorithms - Digital Identity and security - Smart Objects & Proximity technologies (NFC, M2M, D2D) - Wellness & eHealth

Membership :  CW_FM_1-5
Address :  via Boezio 4/C, Rome
Postcode :  00193
Country :  Italy
Website :
Size :  1-5 Staff