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Embedded Operating Systems vendor

Products and services focused around the eCos RTOS

Development Kits, Middleware, Custom Engineering, Consultancy

eCosCentric was founded in April 2002 by the eCos group within Red Hat, with the goal of furthering the technical and commercial development of the eCos real-time operating system. This remains the focus today with eCos now firmly positioned as one of the world's leading open source RTOS solutions.

You can find eCos in the WiFi module of Sony's Playstation 3, in Sennheiser professional radio microphone systems, Motorola cable modems, Dell Compellent SANs, the SALT weapons-grade plutonium verification system, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer particle detector attached to the ISS, and within many other products and applications.

The company provides software development solutions for the embedded systems market. Products combine run-time systems, board firmware, middleware, host based tools and integrated development environments. Services offered consist of custom engineering, porting, technical support, training, and consultancy. Taken together the products and services provide our clients with a complete solution for eCos-based product development.

Tel :  01223 245571
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Address :  Barnwell House, Barnwell Drive, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Postcode :  CB58UU
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  1-5 Staff