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Marubeni Europe plc

Marubeni Europe plc

Marubeni Europe plc

Marubeni Europe plc is the wholly-owned European subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, which is one of Japan’s largest general trading houses.

Marubeni’s operations include import, export, and offshore trade, project management and the manufacture and marketing of finished products, as well as business investment across a range of sectors.

As a sogo shosha, we act as an intermediary and facilitator for all kinds of trade in and between Europe, Japan and third countries, handling a broad range of industrial, agricultural and consumer goods, commodities and natural resources.

Apart from our sheer size – Marubeni has 120 offices in 67 countries and the Marubeni Group including our group companies employs over 29,000 people worldwide – and the astonishing variety of transactions we carry out, we have one of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient information gathering networks.

Drawing on this extensive global network, we have the information and resources to identify markets for new products and assist our clients with product development, as well as procurement, transportation, marketing and sales.

Through our long experience of international trade, we have developed the expertise to handle complex financial transactions and minimise risk across the range of our business operations.

As world trade becomes increasingly integrated and borderless, Marubeni is able to provide all sectors of international business with the best possible support in today’s ever more competitive trading environment, and ultimately to make a steadily growing contribution to global prosperity.

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