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Blue Creation

Blue Creation

Blue Creation

Blue Creation is an engineering team formed by ex-CSR employees (, leader in connectivity. We specialise in Bluetooth, Low energy Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, NFC, Zigbee and other embedded wireless technologies.

Main contacts:
Rafik Jallad (Director)

The team of independent consultants behind Blue-Creation has several hundred man-years of experience 100% focused on connectivity. That is what we do and that is what we have been doing exclusively for the last 10 years. We understand wireless embedded from the firmware and deep chip design technical specifications to the business side and where the markets for these technologies are heading.

Our technical and business services can assist throughout every step of your development: Whether you require a technical feasibility assessment, a demo prototype or a multi-wireless device board ready for production, Blue-Creation has the expertise to make it happen.

We have proven experience with all major aspects of hardware, firmware, and software design. We also have pre-developed software modules and boards ready to be assembled. We can do it much faster and cost effectively.Whether you need urgent on the spot problem resolution before production: echo cancellation tuning for hands-free operation, interoperability resolution (ex: my device does not work with the iPhone), radio link loss (ex: communication is cut after a few seconds), etc.or putting in place general testing before production, we have the tools and experience to help.

If you would like to estimate the market size, analyse in details (not what you see on internet) competitors products, compare chip or module suppliers (know what your BOM will be), or need to build a business plan to raise funds for your project, our consultants have the right approach and contacts to help.

Tel :  01223 421730
Membership :  CW_FM_1-5
Address :  St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Postcode :  CB4 0WS
Country :  United Kingdom
Website :
Size :  1-5 Staff