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Alpha Micro Components

Alpha Micro Components

Alpha Micro Components

Alpha Micro Components is an independent franchised distributor of electronic components, representing market leading companies, with world class products. Over the years our reputation and expertise has made us a prominent force in the markets of Telecoms, Datacoms, Security, GPS tracking, Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and Machine to Machine (M2M).

Founded in 1995, Alpha Micro is a successful independent specialist franchised distributor of components for telematics and M2M. It is one of the companies pioneering the concept of “design based” distribution, using its in-house software and hardware capabilities as a platform to sell its franchised components. Alpha Micro’s design group offers a comprehensive technical support package ranging from application support, through to complete turnkey designs. The company services the machine to machine (m2m), telematics, medical, energy monitoring, security and automotive sectors with components from world leading manufacturers. The franchised line up includes AXSEM, EnOcean, FTDI, GainSpan, Laird Technologies, Lantronix and u-blox. Through these global partnerships Alpha Micro has built an enviable reputation for product knowledge, customer service and innovation.

What really sets Alpha Micro apart from the competition is its design-based approach to distribution. A team of in-house design engineers work at integrating components from the franchised product lines into board-level designs, adding real value to the solutions on offer and providing customers with products that exactly meet their varied and demanding requirements.

Much of the equipment found on high streets throughout the UK and elsewhere contains products designed or supplied by Alpha Micro Components. These range from suppling EPOS equipment in BP Garages, Tescos and Sainsbury's stores to providing telecoms equipment for National Lottery terminals across the the UK.

Alpha Micro's past projects include datacoms, telemetry, points of sale, telecommunications and security with new contracts in the financial and banking sectors, global asset management and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, implementing new GPRS and GPS technologies. Alpha Micro's customers include market leaders such as: GE Security, Hewlett Packard, Road Angel Group, Honeywell, Plantronics, TrakM8, Verifone and various Government projects.

Tel :  01256 851770
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Address :  Springfield House, Cranes Road, Sherborne St. John, Hampshire
Postcode :  RG24 9LJ
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  11-20 Staff