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Anvil Mobile

Anvil Mobile

Anvil Mobile

We supply USIM cards for both Voice/SMS/Data & also data only USIMs with full VoIP support. For our voice customers we provide a land line or mobile number on the SIM card with all calls out made at land line charges. We can record mobile calls within the core network for additional security. Our data USIMs have a fixed IP address, secure tunneling, private APNs and private layer 2 internet connections for a business grade 3G mobile broadband service.

Main contacts:

Small to medium sized businesses; Anyone calling a land line number on a an Anvil USIM is only charged at their standard rate for calling land lines. We can add call & text recording to FSA standards or as a simple download with the option of "always on" for compliance or "on demand" for convenience. For businesses we also can provide local area code numbers that can be forwarded to our USIM in order to appeal to a w der geographic catchment area to help businesses grow.

Larger organisations; In addition to the above we can add some powerful applications for both cost savings, disaster recovery, security and productivity improvements. Major cost savings can be achieved wherever there is a a mobile workforce who need to be contacted regularly by a head office. By giving everyone a local area code number in the home area code for the head office, calls to those numbers will be at the rate in a customer's tarrif for local calls (sometimes free).

For disaster recovery we provide 3G routers with fixed IP addressed USIMs that do not use the public internet and uses a highly secure tunneling protocol for security. Up to 6 USIMs can be bonded to provide higher bandwidth and to support larger user populations.

To enhance the security of mobile communications within organisations and with clients we have launched a double encrypted voice application running on an HTC phone to ensure the total privacy of sensitive communications. Productivity can be greatly enhanced where mobile calls are recorded. Personal calls and idle chatter can be eliminated and staff are encouraged to be businesslike, correct, time efficient and the employer is also protected against employee indiscretions. Mobile Broadband and M2M; Our data USIMs fully support VoIP over the mobile network courtesy of our mobile network connectivity supplier Three UK. We can assign either private or publically addressable fixed IP addresses to the USIM and create an end to end Layer 2 connection using L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol).

We use private APNs as the gateway into the internet an an un-contended transit over a private internet connection. The data does not traverse the public internet at any point. This provides a high performance, secure, reliable & more consistent business grade 3G service. Lone Worker, Vulnerable Employee and Vulnerable Citizen Protection; We have location tracking and a sophisticated alarm and monitor service for employees and citizens at risk. We can scan text messages for bullying, abuse and grooming behaviours with alerts to problem texts and a copy of the original text posted to a secure web site where it can be used for dispute resolution and as potential evidence for remedial action.

We can also provide call recording from mobiles "on demand" by pressing *5 at any time during a call. This captures a rercording of the entire call (from the beginning) which can be legally used if the objective is to prevent a criminal act. We have recently added a push to talk service that integrates tradional private mobile radios and mobile phones into a push to talk group.

Tel :  01799 218033
Fax :  0844 358004
Address :  Wenden Court, Station Road, Wendens Ambo, Essex
Postcode :  CB11 4LB
Country :  United Kingdom
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