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Omnisense supplies accurate positioning products in which people and assets know where they are relative to each other. Our collaborative intelligent sensor network is completely wire free, making it quick and easy to install. The system is low cost, extremely flexible, and provides true position and behavioural information indoors and outdoors.

Customers need better location data to increase operational efficiency, ensure safety of staff, manage security, and to quickly locate assets or people. Omnisense uses industry standard protocols to deliver contextually relevant information to third-party applications, including: position, direction, zone, change in behaviour (e.g. fall detected) or telemetry data.

Main contacts:
Andy Thurman (CEO)

Omnisense offers a range of different solutions from high performance real-time tracking to sub-0.5 m accuracy at 10 updates per second for sport to very low cost positioning for healthcare and livestock management, with the potential for application to other markets.

Omnisense patented “Cluster” technology provides highly accurate real time tracking without the cost, inconvenience and disruption needed to install a fixed infrastructure

Omnisense's business model is to offer its products to OEMs and System Integrators and it is actively building channel partnerships with sector experts in the key markets based on a common technology platform. Omnisense are able to offer a hybrid of system design services, products (hardware platform, location engine software) or the licensing of reference designs and IPR.

The company is run by an experienced management team that has complementary technology, business and entrepreneurial skills, including many years specialising in the development of radio-location products.

Tel :  01223 651390
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Fax :  07020 968072
Address :  11 Jarman Way, Royston, Herts
Postcode :  SG8 5HW
Country :  United Kingdom
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