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We focus on mobile wireless Devices, protocol stack architecting, design, development, testing and automation; general technical and software consultancy, resource services, training and managed services.

We provide the following services to our clients:

Consultancy Services (CS)

Our CS services provide skilled consultants to companies large and small in order to provide confidence in design, development or testing activity. This can be by providing skilled resources on an assignment basis or a full team on a managed services resource. In-House projects are also undertaken which fall in line with the desired result of a final packaged product or other processes and support as required by end client.

A small selection of consulting project we have been involved with are as follows:

Protocol stack architecting for RRC and NAS layers for LTE.
Protocol stack development for GSM/GPRS, UMTS and LTE
Testing and Integration of Protocol Stacks
Interoperability testing (IOT) for Femtocells
IP and Convergence
Verification and validation
Proximity marketing solutions using Bluetooth  

Training Facilities

We provide a comprehensive training package to our clients by providing in-house and on site training in the latest mobile and wireless technology areaas. We also provide post training support to help engineers and trainees recollect information and problem solve by clarify any doubts.

A selection of topics we provide trainings on include:

LTE Overview
LTE Advanced Overview
LTE Architecture, Interface and Signalling
UMTS / HSPA Overview and Detailed
UMTS / HSPA Signalling
GSM/GPRS Air Interface
UMTS network planning and migration from 2G
IP Multimedia Systems (IMS)
Understanding Femtocells
TCP/IP for mobile and wireless  

Managed Resourcing Services  (MRS)

MRS assist companies with the right talent covering humanistics and the right skill sets. Full commercial forums, search boards including our good network of candidates through which facilitates the location of the right resource efficiently. Covering a wide spectrum of resource search services which is not just limited to mobile and wireless domains.

Tel :  01582 635026
Membership :  CW_FM_1-5
Address :  960 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire
Postcode :  LU1 3PE
Country :  United Kingdom
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Size :  1-5 Staff