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Start ups

Selected start-ups will had the exclusive opportunity to present their business to key partners, potential investors and have an exhibition area free of charge. In an exciting and innovative environment start-ups were able to share their vision of their company, demonstrate products and receive feedback from leaders within the AI ecosystem.


6Estates was founded by data scientists and tech entrepreneurs to solve real world challenges presented by the explosion of data on different digital platforms. Building upon years of research on big data analytics from NExT, a research centre established between National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tsinghua University of China, 6Estates develops state-of-the-art tools that can gather, analyse and predict digital signals about organisations, products, brands, people, location and events, to deliver real-time, deep intelligence to businesses to enable critical and time-sensitive decision making on marketing, product development, manufacturing and customer service.

API Cognition

API Cognition has a solution to the problem of artificial general intelligence. Our goal is to produce a "brain-in-a-box." This technology has been under continuous development since 1999. A breakthrough in the winter of 2014 culminated in the formulation of a biologically inspired whole-brain model. Since then, work has concentrated on the details of software implementation (with patents currently pending). We are currently developing a prototype for demonstration purposes. Once completed, we anticipate actively seeking investment funding and technology partners. Preliminary product plans extend across multiple industries, including; healthcare, software engineering, computer graphics, and simulation.


Bodytrak® is the next generation in wearable technology. Bodytrak provides precision physiology monitoring in a compact earpiece with automated real-time data along with machine learning and intelligent algorithms to give unrivalled insights to enable marginal gains as well as early intervention to reduce risk and associated insurance premiums. It is the only device able to measure core body temperature unobtrusively and as accurately as medical devices. This provides significant advances in the monitoring of elite athletes, industrial workforces, fire fighters, soldiers and patients. The enterprise focused model will be monetised through a subscription PaaS model via direct and partner channels.

Conigital Group

Conigital are transport infrastructure integrators developing Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms, IoT sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for smart cities and the CAV market, lead partner in the Midlands Connected Autonomous Vehicle cluster (MCAV) and a partner on Project INSIGHT, a £2.2 million project to develop driverless shuttles with advanced sensors and to trial them in Birmingham.


We are a 2-yo Cambridge-based start-up, working on optimising AI compute requirements with a number of clients. For example, we are helping General Motors to optimise deep learning for autonomous driving, setting ourselves a hefty goal to reduce the cost and power consumption by at least three orders of magnitude compared with where the industry is today (>10K$, >1KW). This mandates exploring all opportunities across the whole SW/HW stack: from models and algorithms at the top to compute libraries and processors at the bottom.


Galaxy.AI has been featured in INC magazine as one of the most promising AI start-ups for 2017 and is a Techstars NY alumni company. Galaxy.AI has built an artificial intelligence solution for mobility/casualty insurance sector. The vehicle insurance solution, Galacticar, analyzes damaged vehicle images and estimates claims cost. Galacticar increases efficiency of claims adjusters by triaging claims and automating claims processing of low to medium-intensity damage claims. These images are submitted directly through a mobile application which advises a range of claims cost as well as whether a claim should be filed or not. Galaxy.AI is working with top global casualty insurance companies.


illumr is a portfolio company within Founders Factory’s AI Accelerator. It is a deep-tech enterprise data analytics application using a proprietary methodology based on complex self-organising systems. Drawn from over a decades’ worth of academic research, it has been shown to derive hypothesis-free insights that existing analytics tools are blind to. The pilot-version of the product has successfully delivered unique insights to enterprise partners, estimated to drive millions in cost savings. illumr is able to provide references from enterprises who will be willing to buy the product once it is in production (expected within six months). It is currently fund raising.

Motion Robotics

Motion Robotics is based in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The design team follows an intense research and development program directed at bipedal humanoid, wheeled, social and aerial robotics. As robots become consumer products, Motion Robotics anticipates that this revolution will be driven further by advances by AI. Motion Robotics aims to provide the robots and specialist AI vendors will add their specialist technology embedded into our platforms or remotely via Cloud interfaces. Currently we are developing social, assistive robotics for the elderly, bipedal safe agile robots for domestic applications, aerial robotics for humanitarian deployment and exoskeletons for SCI victims.

Myrtle Software

Myrtle has been working on efficient hardware based deep learning technologies for a global auto maker and has contracts to further this work with the Ministry of Defence. We are a key partner in a major collaboration into the verification of deep learning for on-road vehicles. Our work focuses on automatically realizing deep learning algorithms as efficient silicon designs, capable of very high performance and low power usage. Our unique approach produces bespoke designs for specific networks and is scalable in terms of the resources that can be targeted: an important factor in commercial applications where running multiple neural networks together is becoming common.

Opening is an AI engine to augment recruitment: algorithm powered search & insights that work on large amounts of data - complete resume parsing and analysis at scale (from .doc/.pdf resume files), talent discovery/re-discovery (identifying most qualified candidates for any given role), resume understanding and capacity planning for the corporate HR sector - automation, speed and accuracy that trumps human capability. Robot recruiters that free up time, save money & re-engineer processes for recruiters, employers and job platforms alike.


RazorSecure offers an advanced cyber-security solution designed to monitor, detect, report and protect critical infrastructure systems from hackers. RazorSecure's software provides real time alerts about breaches as they occur, providing an easy to manage and install breach detection system for critical infrastructure. By monitoring behavioural patterns, using machine learning and focusing on the integrity of services, RazorSecure can take instant action and provide alerts when a breach is occurring. Ensuring that breaches can be dealt with in minutes not months.


Satalia is a rapidly growing UK company that is becoming globally recognized in providing AI solutions for industry. With a specialism in Supply chain, logistics and Retail, Satalia co-creates solutions that utilize cutting-edge techniques in machine learning, data-science, optimisation and Artificial Intelligence. Satalia is a spin-out of UCL and is recognized as a Gartner Cool vendor in Data-Science.


Organisations want to build one-to-one relationships with customers and make better decisions. But skilled data scientists are in short supply, and building and maintaining machine learning infrastructure takes resource away from building better models. Seldon is an open-source machine learning deployment platform. It includes a containerised data science infrastructure stack with an optimisation engine that helps your team innovate faster. You keep full ownership and control of your data and models on-premise or in the cloud.

Titan Reality

Titan Reality™ is a company developing leading-edge 3D sensing and control with Artificial Intelligence. The technology can control almost anything, replacing sensors and cameras in a fast growing £101Bn sensor market. Giving vision intelligence to industrial robots, mixing music in 3D audio, making digital musical instruments more expressive, controlling light and lasers intuitively, making automotive safer, augmenting healthcare, the technology has control and sensing applications in all sectors of industry.


Incorporated in 2012 to protect its Intellectual Property, the proprietary algorithm VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois]. Since 2013 this British chatbot developer with AI elements in its code has been monitored by S&P/Bloomberg, Gartner & VentureRadar which ranks it ca 75% for "Innovation & Growth Signals". Its source code has been developed inhouse by the programmer Darren Lee who has been an ICT executive for NOKIA & then the French multinational ATOS. The go-to market and monetisation strategies have been driven by Dr Tania Peitzker, now in the UK after 20 years in Berlin, who has become an expert in AI bot technology & its Use Cases.


A connected cars platform to develop mobility services.

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